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We believe all patients deserve the best care. Technology can help us to achieve this goal. That's why we've developed Luscii, the most intuitive, smart and secure digital health platform to support doctors and nurses by watching over their patients remotely.

Do you also believe it's down to us to create our own future? If the answer is yes, we would be thrilled to meet you! You can find more general information about Luscii and the Luscii team (9 nationalities!) on our website https://luscii.com

We aim to change the world for the better. And have to start with ourselves. Therefore we've organised Luscii in a unique way, following the principles of Holacracy. By doing so, all Lusciians can reach their full potential and have the freedom to work the way they love. Want to learn more about this? Read more about our values and ways of working in our 'We, at Luscii' People's Manual.

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