Global Partner Program Lead

Job description

Global Luscii partner program

Luscii is revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered. Doctors and nurses use our platform to monitor patients remotely. Started in Amsterdam, our team is now active in seven countries. We believe digital transformation in healthcare will happen in an ecosystem of easy to use health apps that integrate seamlessly, providing the best experience to patients and professionals. We want to be on the forefront of this. Therefore we designed Luscii in a way third party applications can integrate easily. Already a dozen of integrations have been made.

We are ready for the next step. Are you too?

Now scaled to over 20 million registrations processed via our platform, we want to take our partner model to the next level by professionalizing Luscii's Global Partner Program.  And we look for an entrepreneurial person to lead this. 

What are your accountabilities in this role?

In the role as Global Partner Program Lead you will search and find the right partners that increases the value of our offering for our users. This can be large companies like EMR's, measurement devices or medtech giants. Or smart software and apps of startups and scale-ups like us. You are the spokesperson for these partners. You find partners and close deals. And together with our integration development team, you make sure partners are integrated the right way. And like in nature, an ecosystem only works when partners help each other. So after integration you'll help our partners grow by providing them with advice and feedback and making sure their integrations reaches our customers.

No fixed functions, combine if you want (eg. combine this with business development role).

In Luscii we adopted holacracy. This means we don't have fixed roles. Besides working as a partner lead, you can participate in many circles and roles if you want. Since our partner program is new we expect you might want to combine your work as partner program lead with others roles in our marketing or growth circle. For instance as a business developer. 



Luscii is a value driven company. Therefore, we don't look for specific skills but we look for people that belief in these values and is willing to add their own identity, passion and ideas. Read more about our values and ways of working in our 'We, at Luscii' People's Manual. In short, these values are:

  • Freedom sparks energy: Our first value is all about freedom. This means Lusciians we look for people that can grow in an environment where they decide themselves what to do and what not. People that love to collaborate with others. And people that are self starters. In Luscii nobody tells you what to do. There is no hierarchy. No manager. Not an MT. Not even a CEO. Luscii is us. And you... So we look for someone who loves that!
  • Grow to last: The second value is about our mission to have impact in the long run. We don't take shortcuts for short-term success. We look for people that can see the bigger picture and helps us to make choices that last. So we look for someone that want to have impact, not opportunistic luck!
  • Courage for integrity: In a lot of companies politics rules. In Luscii we hate that. And the reason we can say that we don't spend our time nor energy on it, is because of our third value. We are honest, direct and help each other grow or solve problems. We always look over our shoulder to see how the person next to us is doing. And we say it when we sense tensions. Are you this person that wants to become our buddy?

Next to believing in our values, we are looking for people that bring skills we currently don't have. And even better. We hope you are so good at it that you are going to teach us about these skills you are good at. For this role, we are looking for someone with a track record on:

  • strategic / organization skills to be able to set up and roll out our global Luscii partner program from scratch
  • analytic skills to be able to find the right partners and experience in doing that
  • commercial skills to convince partners in different countries in the world
  • technical skills to know enough to understand how integrations are done
  • an obsession to realize the best experience for our users and never give up!


Luscii is expanding internationally and is able to have an impact on various geo’s. This means we don't see boundaries. During corona times we launched in seven countries in a matter of weeks. And in your role as global Luscii partner manager you can experience this. Also we have good salaries and... a lot of freedom and organised Luscii in a unique way, following the principles of Holacracy. By doing so, all Lusciians can reach their full potential and have the freedom to work the way they love.

Still not convinced? What else:

  • The chance to be part of a rapidly growing scale up and the next success story
  • A knowledgeable, high achieving, experienced and fun team with people from 18 nationalities
  • We have flexible working hours, I mean... who doesn’t like to work whenever they are most productive
  • We even started a 4-day workweek trial (meaning people get paid for five but work 4 days)
  • We work completely remotely, but you can organize your own flexible workspace if you want (like some of our colleagues did by hiring a space in Utrecht and another group that lives in another country during the cold Dutch winters)
  • A lot of effort in helping YOU grow, e.g. 4% of your salary to spend freely on personal development
  • We will provide you with the hardware you need to be as effective as possible
  • Great staff parties - a very important part of team building
  • Become part of a stock option plan as soon as you get a fixed contract
  • And don’t forget about a salary that is based on your knowledge and experience, a flexible pension scheme and travel allowance

We believe all patients deserve the best care. Technology can help us to achieve this goal. That's why we've developed Luscii. Do you also believe it's down to us to create our own future? If the answer is yes, we would be thrilled to meet you! You can find more general information about Luscii on our website And if you want to know more about some of our experiences on how we do things differently, take a look at our medium page with great stories.


If you have any questions about the role or Luscii? Please contact Jorn Jansen, Recruiter, via